WordPress is an open-source Content Management System (CMS) that powers over a quarter of all the websites available on the internet. Wordpress supports all genres of the website including entertainment, music, news, gaming, DIY, in which many of them are ranked in the world’s top-rated website.

WordPress is a platform of choice. Here you can easily craft your imagination into reality with thousands of WordPress themes, Shortcodes, Plugins and extensions. Many of the business owners use WordPress to create a business blog that includes memberships, portfolio, static and dynamic pages.

What is a blog?

What is Blog

Before continuing with our topic, let’s first understand what is a blog? A blog is a type of website in which the newest content appears first. It is dynamic and usually contains more posts than a static website.

This type of website is usually run by individuals or small groups to provide information to the general audience. The smallest difference between a website and blog is that Blogs share or update information on a regular basis.

Available For A Variety Of People

Available For A Variety Of People

With WordPress, you can create a stunning website in a matter of minutes. However, WordPress was officially developed for blogging, back in 2003.

It was launched alongside its biggest competitor ‘Blogspot‘. The founders of WordPress stated that they wanted a platform that makes blogging accessible to everyone. That’s why they created this an open-source platform for bloggers.

Because it was free and open-source, many developers use this platform to create something new and different. By the end of 2005, Wordpress was popular not only in the blogging genre but also for creating a stunning website.

It Has Tools For Everyone

It Has Tools For Everyone | WordPress Blog

In terms of flexibility and customization, WordPress is beyond any other CMS. There are thousands of free and premium services available on the internet that you can pair with WordPress.

Take themes, for example, they will change the appearance of your website, with just a few clicks. WordPress also provides a full-fledged system, to manage your own content. You can access all your frontend and backend code, very easily.

The WordPress content editor allows you to install a brought variety of plugins and extensions. This tool will help you to manage your website content in a professional way.

Beginners can use these tools to manage their website content with drag and drop. Experienced content creators can tweak around with the WordPress source file, to manage the content of their website, as per their needs.

WordPress Theme Customization using Careerfy

Careerfy Theme

For starters, a WordPress theme is something that you first see when visiting a website. It includes all the website content, including different functions and media. Whatever niche you want to adopt, there’s always a theme available for WordPress.

There are a lot of multipurpose WordPress themes available on the internet that provides versatility and style. These are easy to manage WordPress themes, with one-click access to all your online needs.

Many of the WordPress themes including careerfy support Online selling tools like WooCommerce. You can easily sell your products and services online.

Plugins and Extensions

WordPress Plugins Blog

After the theme, the next major thing in WordPress is Plugins and extensions. Plugins add a niche-specific feature on your WordPress websites like selling products online, creating a landing page, collecting user data, online booking or any kind of professional site or business.

Extensions, on the other hand, allow users to add different website elements like creating social networks, making contact forms or collecting online money. Careerfy is a combination of all the goodies that are required to create a professional website from scratch. The theme supports all the famous plugins, extensions and shortcodes for niche-specific features.

Careerfy- A broad Category of Online World

Careerfy is a job board WordPress theme that you can use to create a stunning website. It contains all sorts of job-related demos that allow you to create a professional look, with just a few clicks. If you want all in one solution for your online presence, Use Careeeerfy for your Job board WordPress website.

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