So you probably would’ve heard a lot about WordPress and sites running on this platform, but you’ve no idea what all the fuss is about.
In simple terms, WordPress is a blog or website creation platform. It is a tool that lets you run your dream website in the digital world. It is the most widely used Content Management System (CMS) that powers more than 172 million websites. Yes, more than one in four websites is likely to powered by this platform.

In a more advanced way, it is an open-source content creation tool licensed under GPLv2 which means that anyone can use this platform and make customization according to their needs. You don’t need any programming knowledge to run this platform. WordPress provides a user interface that is easily manageable by just a few clicks. So if you’re thinking building a website is just about coding then think again.
Without a single skill in Programming, you can still create a stunning and professional website. Or just learn basic programming languages like HTML5 and CSS3 to make advance changes.
In the end, WordPress is a platform that lets you develop a website without even hiring a developer.

WordPress Interface

How to get WordPress?

If you’re using a computer or a smartphone, then you probably would know that it runs on an operating system or simple software.
Wordpress is a software that runs online (Hosting or cloud). For this, you’ve to rent a space online and then install it in that space. WordPress requires an internet connection to work and is compatible with all modern-day browsers and mobile devices.
There’s even a free WordPress mobile app that you can download on your Android or IOS phones.

WordPress is Free

The best part of WordPress is that it is an open-source platform which means it is completely free. The open-source platform allows you to modify and customize it according to your needs. So if you’re a person that wants completely different out of the box, this platform is best for you.

What kind of Website can WordPress make?

At the start, WordPress was only a tool to create and manage blogs. There are a lot of forums still running on this platform. Now with new updates, and changes in core code, as well as plugins and themes, you can create a professional website with WordPress. Not only this, but WordPress also hosts a great number of eCommerce stores worldwide. Here’s a list of possible WordPress based website ideas that you can run on this platform.

Business Website
Social Network
eCommerce stores
Membership sites
and pretty much anything, you can dream for

WordPress Plugins & Themes

Extensive use for Themes and Plugins

Consider WordPress as a blank sheet and your basic requirement is to draw a house on it. For this, you need tools such as colors, a pencil and things like that.
Now change your mind to the online industry, you wanted to create a website, you need tools to arrange your content on a web page. Themes and plugins are tools for WordPress. A WordPress theme is a set of instructions that provides a view to your website. Plugins are smaller changes that you use for ultimate results.
Themes are all about displaying content, and Plugins are set of instructions for additional features and functions. These are essential code files that run on WordPress.

Difference between .org and .com?
It is a self-hosted WordPress platform which is free and open-source. Visit this website to download and install WordPress for your website.
It is a paid website that sells WordPress tools like themes and plugins. These tools are essential to make a perfect WordPress based website.

How do I start with WordPress?

So far, I’ve explained everything related to WordPress. It’s a free, effective and runs website. Now comes the part how to get started with this. First of all download the WordPress files from and installs it on your online machine (Hosting).
That’s it! It’s as simple as that. Install now and share your creativity with the world.

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